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* Apple® M1 Silicon fully supported.


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The brain child of Engineer / Producer Angus Woodhead and Software Designer / Engineer Nathan Isherwood both from Queensland, Australia.

Pro Engineers know that the secret to a good mix is cleaning up the lows and highs using high and low pass filters, removing sub rumble / hum / noise and high end hiss etc

Essentially we ‘capture’ the sound / saturation / colour / tone of high end vintage and modern analog hardware, and insert that into practical everyday use plug-ins. 

Filters in Vintage mode has a capture from a famous 80’s large format mixing console inserted.

Vintage mode also has the same slope and frequencies as this famous desk nick named the AC/DC console installed in a local studio.

Modern mode has more slope options and a greater frequency range, and is also a brilliant creative tool for automated cutoff sweeps etc.

We try to achieve mastering quality results and phase coherence to our DSP, and have no expiry on the demo - however settings are not saved when you close your DAW.

  • "Tried it against a few different filters and it feels quite.. alive? I dunno, hard to describe..."

  • "I can see the filter used traditionally to great success but it also works well "artistically" for freq sweeps and creative uses..."

  • "One of the things I love most about the filter is it's no-nonsense. It does what it does very well and doesn't try to get complicated..."